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Our website program is a simple and effective way for chiropractors to get on the web -
with a website, email, newsletters, and more - all from a single vendor with excellent support.

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors | Chiropractic SEO

Founded by a chiropractic doctor!

Rather than choose a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your website, we hope we can show you why you should select us to help you design, build, and market your chiropractic website. Not only can we help you build a website, but we can help people find your chiropractic website so that new patients contact you when they are looking for a chiropractor in your city.

For starters, we are located and staffed in the U.S.A. and are available to speak with you by phone. We won’t send you to an outsourced phone operator or have you submit a “support ticket” and make you wait on an answer. You can simply pick up the phone and speak with a real human being. Or we can communicate by email. We actually want to speak with the doctors who choose to use our services. We think that’s the first step in good customer service.

Web Design & Hosting for Chiropractors

Websites for Chiropractors

Potential patients are actually a lot like you. If they see a website that has a “homemade” look to it, they often react negatively. But if your website has a professional look to it, they assign that professionalism to their views of you and your practice before they even visit. When it comes to their health, especially when considering who they’re going to allow to adjust their neck and back, they need to feel that you are a serious, trained professional who pays attention to detail.

Our web design service provides you with a simple system to customize the look and feel of your clinic website. But we also can build the site for you if you supply us with the information. And don’t worry, because we’ve been helping chiropractors build and market websites for a decade, we can make suggestions on what content you should supply on your site. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we will show you what works and what potential patients want to find on your chiropractic website.

Just call us at (801) 533-4199 and we can start right away! No support ticket required.

Internet Marketing and SEO for Chiropractors

Ever wonder why other clinics in your city rank higher than you in Google when you type in “chiropractor in [your city]”?

Well, we know why! If you utilize our Internet marketing and SEO services, we can do the specific things that help Google see the importance of your website and your business. It’s a lot more than simply putting some mysterious “keywords” on your site or starting a blog. There are literally hundreds of things that Google is looking for when their search software is deciding what website should rank for certain terms. The lead of our SEO department has been helping websites rank higher in Google since its first year in existence! He’s helped hundreds of chiropractors rank on top of page one and he, along with his team, can help you rank as well!

We can get your clinic to the top of Google so that when people are looking for a chiropractor in your area, they see your contact information near or at the top. That results in more people calling and walking through your doors. The rest is up to you! Call us today at (801) 533-4199 so that no more time is wasted and so that we can get started right away! Or, we can offer you a FREE Competitive Analysis! Again, just call us at (801) 649-4965.

What is a Competitive Analysis?

In order to give you an objective view of your online presence, we will provide you with a customized marketing analysis of your website. This analysis will provide a baseline of where you stand now and details of what we can do to improve your position. Our ranking expert will call you at a scheduled time to go over the details of his findings. The competitive website marketing analysis covers:

1. Clinic Website Findings: Is your website up to date, Google friendly, and user friendly with a clear marketing strategy? (call to action)
2. Present Website Ranking Position: Where is your website coming up for the search results for "Chiropractor your city"?
3. Social Medial Check: Review your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts and give advice where applicable.
4. Incoming Links Analysis: Analysis of incoming links and ranking importance
5. Continuity of Clinic information: We will run a report to determine if your clinic info is consistent on the internet. Website ranking is very sensitive to this.
6. Competition in Your Area
7. Time Frame Estimate: Estimate for first page / top tier placement

Our formula is simple. We do what we say, do it well and bring you patients to your clinic.