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Marketing for Chiropractors
Use modern online techniques to deliver old fashioned results.

Your Website
Your Website should be the marketing focal point for your Practice. All of your search engine ranking should work and social media campaigns should lead the prospective patient to your website. Your websites job is to get the new patient in your door; what we label 'a clear call to action'. After years of fine tuning our internet marketing methods, one of our most fundamental conclusions we feel confident about sharing is that 'less is more'. When the prospective patient finally gets to your website, you want them to have a good experience, one that is pleasing to the eye and direct and to the point about its message. If your website is outdated, boring or ugly as a dog, we can help. Customizing websites is what we do.

The Gas
Okay, you are confident with your Website. Now what? Now you need to fill the tank up with GAS and get it out of the garage.

Back in the day, chiropractors would spend most of their marketing dollars in one venue and that was The Yellow Pages. A typical half page would cost $2,000 per month, and chiropractors were paying that money out, left and right, for years. Well, those days have long since gone. All the successful marketing is on the Internet. Driving traffic to your website is where the Gas comes in. But first, ask: Where are we trying to get to?

Search Engines

Plain and simple, your website needs to be where the most relevant traffic occurs. The is the million dollar answer. Where is the most traffic? Ask yourself one simple question, "Where do you go when you want to find something"? If you are like the rest of us, you go to Google and look for it. And what do people look for when they are looking for you? The same thing you would look for - they would search "chiropractor" and the "name of the city" or "location" most convenient for them. All those generic search terms (like .back pain., etc.) are worthless compared to the obvious. Also if someone is searching for a chiropractor, chances are extremely high they will end up in a chiropractic clinic from the Internet. Our job is to get you to the top of Google for the most obvious search query, "chiropractor" plus "your city".

In order to do this you need two things.

  1. Decent social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews) that have good content and people following that content.
  2. "Backlinks" - where your Website is linked to other websites. Backlinking is where all the grunt of the work is for us, and also where the bulk of the cost is. We have the number one Chiropractic website in our profession and we got there from having the best Backlinks. We would like to share our Backlinks with you. This is where the relevant traffic is and this is where your Website needs to be.

Social Media

Let's start with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Your present patient base is spending more time on these sites than on using search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So yes, your presence is critical. Your practice should be a trusted beacon for your health conscious community. And why not? I am sure D. D. would have approved. But who has HOURS and HOURS to manage all this arcane stuff. We do! We have the time! We will give you all the support you need to streamline your social media campaigns, teach you how to use your patient base to become your social media base, and give your present patients one more tool to be able to refer their friends to you. Account creation, support, consultation and advisory. We're here to help you integrate your physical presence into an online one.


Pay Per Click marketing is a very affective way of getting your practice listed quickly on search engines and with an extremely high relevancy. Relevancy is a common term used in the seo world and to give you an example; if someone were searching for a doctor who was specialized in cervical neck traction, they might use "cervical neck traction" as the keyword phrase instead of just "back pain". If you are a doctor who specializes in cervical neck traction, then this keyword would help you greatly.

The way our pay per clicks work is we blanket all the keywords that you want your site to appear on. Some of these keywords might receive very little traffic and others might receive high amounts of traffic. A monthly budget is then set up and when someone clicks your site, your account is charged. The amount charged is determined by a bidding process. The cost per click depends on how competitive a specific keyword is and where your site comes up on the list. It can range from a few cents to a few dollars per click. If a user searches for a keyword that you are on but does not click your site, then there is no charge. This is called an impression and is a form of free advertisement for your practice.

Our PAY PER CLICK PROGRAM is typically an add on service to our GOOGLE FIRST PAGE PLACEMENT PROGRAM but can be also used as a stand alone service. The admin fee for this service is $50 per month. The pay per click budge and cost per click is entirely managed by you, the Doctor. We have found that a budget of $100 keeps most sites blanketed in a local area even for an extensive list of keywords. We will notify you once your budget is close to being exhausted, to remind you to "re-fill" your pay per click budget.

The service includes the following:

  • An intensive interview to determine what keywords you want to emphasize
  • Setting up a Pay Per Click account on Google.
  • Daily monitoring of your accounts for effectiveness
  • Quarterly reports to mark progress