Success Stories

"My new web program brought in 8 new cash patients within the first month!"

  • Shelly Webb, D.C. Rocklin, California
    Search Engineering Customer

"My name is Dr. Katinka van deer Merwe. I am a second generation chiropractor who practices in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

When I stumbled upon Chirodirectory, we had just two websites designed. That's right. We had no websites up until 2009! When you searched for us on Google, even though we have a busy, well-known practice in our area, we landed on page four and page five of Google (one of our websites is geared to Fibromyalgia, and the other is a general chiropractic website). This really bothered me, since I am very competitive by nature.

Laura from Chirodirectory was very helpful and patient when I spoke to her. At first, I balked at the monthly fee for Search Engine Optimization, and wanted to be listed in their directory only, since that would help my listing. After really diving in and finding out what an incredible commitment it is to manage our own Search Engine Optimization, and the knowledge one needs to have to do it properly (believe me, I researched extensively.) I decided to have them manage both my websites. Today, I think of their fee as the cheapest advertising I have ever done, based on the return of investment. Our first website moved to Google page one within two weeks (competing with all other health disciplines here locally for Fibromyalgia treatments) and our second within six weeks. They gave me a full money back guarantee if they failed to deliver what they said they could within six months. Trust me, there are not many companies out there willing to guarantee their results with a full repayment of all fees.

It amazes me how powerful the internet is. Thanks to our first page Google dominance, we are now reaching people in neighboring states as well. We have people coming in from five hours drive away! Every time we get a new patient from the internet, I am grateful to Chirodirectory. The return on our investment has been immense. I love Chirodirectory and appreciate that they are longtime friends of chiropractic and ethically very sound. I can honestly recommend their support to anyone. After they reviewed my websites for free and suggested one change, my referrals quadrupled. The internet is a freight train coming, and if you are not on the train, you will be under it. I am so glad that I had the experts at Chirodirectory help me to sit in front of that train! It is one less thing I have to do every month."

Please feel free to search for us on Google using the keywords "Chiropractor Fayetteville, Arkansas".

  • Katinka van der Merwe D.C. Fayetteville, Arkansas
    Search Engineering Customer
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"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I recently moved office locations, and when I did my new patient flow quickly dried up. I discovered that my new location was "invisible" on search engines. I was quickly steered into the program that best suited my needs. The week before last, we saw a marked increase in new business. Then, last week, we received as many new patients in a week as we did in a month at our old location. You guys saved my life and practice! I can't Thank You enough!"

  • John Ormand D.C. Henderson, Nevada
    Search Engineering Customer